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Hunter Seasoning Blend

Hunter Seasoning Blend

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The perfect partner for beef, kangaroo or lamb. A blend that marries native bush tomato with mountain pepper berry and a deep red wine fruity note from our sustainable, upcycled and nutrient dense red grape skins.

Add our Hunter blend to season meat, veggies, potatoes, or anything else that goes on the grill. Additionally, it works great as a flavour booster for rice, beans, marinades, hummus, or a smoky baba ganoush. A liberal coating forms the ultimate charred crust, trapping flavour and sealing juices for robust flavour.


Packed with nutrients from our all Australian ‘zero-waste’ grape skins made from Grapes grown in NSW Hunter Valley Wine Region.

Reprocessing food manufacture ‘by-products’ and agricultural surplus into nutrient rich food ingredients. Contains grape flour, m  Rich in Antioxidants, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals.

  • Vegan
  • Upcycled (made with grape flour)
  • Made with Australian ingredients
  • Organic Grapes

net weight 50g. This is a vegan and gluten-free product.

Ingredients: red grape skins, seeds, sea salt, ground cumin, garlic, smoked paprika, tomato, Tasmanian pepper leaf, pepper, bush tomato, onion, garlic, chilli powder, mixed herbs.

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