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Chardonnay Focaccia + Pizza Bases

Chardonnay Focaccia + Pizza Bases

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Produce authentic-tasting focaccia or pizza from this reliable easy-to-use premix, loaded with nutrients from our all Australian ‘zero-waste’ grape flour. A reliable easy-to-use premix, loaded with prebiotic sugarcane fibre.

Hand-crafted products with a focus on the elimination of waste and the regeneration of nature, with zero waste. 

 Grape pomace is what remains at the end of the winemaking process, this is usually discarded and often left to decay in the ground. Extracta saves this nutrient rich product from landfill, providing the opportunity to prevent food waste with every purchase. 

Reprocessing food manufacture ‘by-products’ and agricultural surplus into nutrient rich food ingredients. Contains grape flour, made from Grapes grown in NSW Wine Region, our unique sugarcane fibre is sourced from an artisan gin distillery in Queensland.

Available in bulk sizes, contact us for wholesale prices.

Ingredients: wheat flour, grape flour, sugarcane fibre and sea salt.

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