Surplus to Sell?

Sell Your Surplus Produce to Extracta Ingredients

Welcome, Australian Farmers!

Are you sitting on surplus produce? Extracta is here to help you turn it into value! As your dedicated partners in reducing food waste and supporting Australian agriculture, we want to buy your surplus harvest.

Why Choose Extracta?

  1. Fair Prices: We believe in fair compensation for your hard work. Receive competitive prices for your quality produce.
  2. Sustainability Commitment: Be a part of our mission to reduce food waste. Your surplus becomes a valuable resource in our commitment to a sustainable future.
  3. Supporting Local Farmers: Extracta Ingredients is proudly Australian. By choosing us, you contribute to the growth and success of our local farming community.

How It Works:

  • Contact Us: Reach out through our dedicated portal or contact our team directly.
  • Harvest Assessment: Share details about your surplus produce. We'll evaluate and offer a fair price.
  • Easy Transactions: Once the terms are agreed upon, we make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Ready to turn your surplus into profit? Contact Extracta Ingredients today!

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📞 Phone: 02 8875 7874

Let's work together for a sustainable and prosperous future for Australian agriculture!