Food waste, whether it be food that never leaves the farm, food that is lost during transport, or food that is wasted from the hospitality sector and households, has significant economic and environmental impacts.

A staggering 7.3m tonnes of food is wasted per year in Australia and costs the economy around $36.6 billion each year.  Australia uses around 2600 gigalitres of water to grow food that is wasted – this equates to the volume of water in five Sydney Harbours.

When we waste food, we also waste all the energy and water it takes to grow, harvest, transport, and package it. And if food goes to the landfill and rots, it produces methane—a greenhouse gas even more potent than carbon dioxide. Extracta is committed to helping alleviate some of the environmental impact that this waste represents. 

Through our upcycling process, we boost nutrition, eliminate waste and optimise taste. Extracta are revolutionising the food industry by transforming agricultural residuals into high-performance bioactive food ingredients that address key challenges faced by food manufacturers, including nutrition, colour, flavour and shelf life. Our unique process enables us to create an innovative solution that not only improves the quality of food products, but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste in the agricultural industry.

Extracta’s innovative processes allow it to reclaim active nutrients from fresh agricultural crops and food processing surplus, helping the sustainability of the agricultural sector by recycling and minimising crop waste and disposal costs.  

The objective is to reclaim and reuse 100% of the waste materials, we are proud to say this is being achieved.

Extracta has been very actively supported by the Australian government with a Fight Food Waste CRC Grant and a collaboration with QUT to help build our facilities.

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Social change doesn’t happen by accident. Join Extracta in our fight against food waste and adopt a social impact investing strategy.

Invest consciously and with purpose.