Citrus Fibre

These new citrus fibres are in response to the increasing demand for natural, sustainable, and organic food ingredients. Consumers are looking for new ways to improve their health goals of an improved fibre intake. Fortification is an obvious route, which is why fibre enrichment on trend, now more than ever.

 At the same time as this fibre boom, sugars and calorie reduction, as well as fibre enrichment. Furthermore, the label-friendly trend is maintaining momentum as consumers seem to seek out nature-derived, familiar, simple, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

  • We make efficient use of the whole fruit, reducing waste where we valorize the side streams from the juice processing industry.
  • It is known for its special fibre structure and large surface area, making it a competent substitute for various thickeners and emulsifiers.
  • An excellent choice for natural upgraded products, providing improved mouthfeel, stability, healthiness, and cost-efficiency.
  • Citrus powder is easier and less expensive to transport than fresh oranges or orange juice. 

Citrus Fibre Benefits and Features

  • Label-Friendly: Nature-derived, simple and familiar ingredient based on citrus peel.
  • Nutritional Boost: Fiber enrichment thanks to its intrinsic balanced mix of 40% soluble fiber (pectin) & 60% insoluble fiber (cellulose & hemicellulose), thus enabling Nutri-score improvement.
  • No Chemical Modification: Simply fully dried peel (nothing added, nothing taken away) produced with only water and energy. All the natural components of the citrus peel are kept intact.

This consumer-friendly ingredient has been widely used in a variety of products, including jams, jellies, yogurt fruit prep, acidified protein drinks, plant-based meat alternatives, dairy applications, and gelatin-free gummies. 

The fibre from citrus peel can also be modified to improve its functional and structural properties, making it suitable for a wide range of personal care applications.


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