A diverse range of fruits and vegetables can be converted into powdered products. Powdered ingredients typically boast higher concentrations of essential nutrients and do not necessitate the use of preservatives.

Through the drying process, the moisture content is significantly reduced, ensuring the stability and extended shelf life of the powder. Devoid of water, the risk of bacterial growth is markedly diminished, providing an extended and steadfast shelf life.

Furthermore, powdered ingredients exhibit remarkable space efficiency and ease of transport.

From an environmental standpoint, powdered ingredients often present a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional products. This is attributed to their lighter and more compact nature, facilitating easier storage and transportation, ultimately resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Extracta powders offer versatile applications, serving as raw ingredients for a variety of culinary creations, including smoothies, cakes, sauces, and juice production. Additionally, they can be incorporated into dishes to enhance and elevate the overall flavour profile.

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