The Environmental Impact of Food Waste

The Environmental Impact of Food Waste

It doesn't take much reflection on the state of the growing world to feel frustration about diminishing natural resources and guilt about ever-growing environmental waste. We can't change the world by ourselves, but we do have a responsibility to "do no harm" while making it simple for others to do their thing. We're all on this round planet together, and together we can ensure that our combined footprint is a green one. Being sustainable is practicing kindness. 

With the health of our planet directly affecting the health and social justice of its inhabitants, we see it as our responsibility to actively engage in the planets rehabilitation — not just for the people of today, but for the people of tomorrow, too.

We encourage you to support your local economy and reduce the carbon footprint. Buy local!

Let's talk about food waste, at a grass roots level we need to make use of surplus - Food loss and waste also exacerbates the climate change crisis with its significant greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint.  When food ends up in landfills, it generates methane, an even more potent greenhouse gas. 

Upcycled foods: A nudge toward nutrition

In addition to helping improve global food security, reducing food waste provides financial and environmental benefits. Upcycling (AKA repurposing) food is an obvious solution for food waste reduction, it retains the nutritional value and benefits everyone from a financial perspective.

When cooking, it’s easy to get drifted away and simply forget that there are always an extra stalk of celery, a few teaspoons of coffee grounds, or some tops of carrots.  About 94 percent of the food we wasted ends up in landfills or combustion facilities.

Enter Extracta. 

As part of its sustainability commitment, Extracta is working to transform surplus Australian fruit streams, such as grape Marc (skins and seeds) from the wine industry - which would otherwise have ended up in landfill,  into tomorrow’s nutraceutical ingredients.

Founded in 2003, Extracta Pty Ltd is the premier Australian supplier of high quality  food and fibre ingredients.  They are dedicated to addressing the food security needs of consumers in both mainstream and functional food markets. 

Their process transforms agricultural waste streams from local agriculture cereal crops (such as sugarcane, grape pomace into natural "food as medicine" health ingredients. 

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