A delightful artisan foundation for pizzas or focaccia, incorporating the grape skins and seeds typically discarded after chardonnay wine pressing, serves as a valuable and nutritious component in innovative food items. 

By purchasing and enjoying repurposed agricultural byproducts, you're not only reducing waste, but also supporting sustainability, improving your nutrition, saving money, broadening your culinary options, and backing our farmers.

In Australia, the DEVINE CONNOISSEUR RANGE offers a unique selection of delicious food items made from zero-waste ingredients. We're dedicated to fighting food waste by transforming surplus ingredients from industries like sugarcane fibre, juice manufacturing, and winery production into amazing baked goods, meat rubs, and seasoning blends.


"Knowing that I'm making a positive social impact and supporting agriculture adds to the satisfaction, the health benefits are an added bonus - not to mention the amazing flavour!" Michelle