At Extracta, our mission is to enhance the sustainability of our planet for future generations. We've developed a range of delicious food products to demonstrate how simple and enjoyable sustainability can be. Introducing Australia's first planet-friendly foodie range that is irresistible, and packed with flavour and nutrition!

The DEVINE CONNOISSEUR RANGE presents a distinctive array of delectable food items crafted from zero-waste ingredients. We are committed to combating food waste by repurposing surplus materials from industries such as sugarcane fibre, juice manufacturing, and winery production into extraordinary baked goods, meat rubs and seasoning blends. Our products include grape skins and seeds that are usually discarded after wine pressing, as well as a remarkable prebiotic fibre sourced from sugarcane stems from local gin distilleries.

By purchasing and enjoying repurposed agricultural byproducts, you're not only reducing waste, but also supporting sustainability, improving your nutrition, saving money, broadening your culinary options, and backing our farmers.

In Australia, the DEVINE CONNOISSEUR RANGE offers a unique selection of delicious food items made from zero-waste ingredients. We're dedicated to fighting food waste by transforming surplus ingredients from industries like sugarcane fibre, juice manufacturing, and winery production into amazing baked goods, meat rubs, and seasoning blends.