Extracta presents a disruptive innovation opportunity for sustainable and environmentally conscious brands

Our innovative processes allow us to retain vital active nutrients from fresh agricultural crops and food processing surplus. As the business landscape continues to rapidly evolve, companies need to embrace ingredient innovation to stay relevant. 

Just Food Magazine - September 2023 Read More

Upcycling opportunities: Extracta transforms fruit waste into nutrient-dense ingredients

Food Ingredients - 29 Aug 2023 

Spices & baking mixes from grape marc. The Australian manufacturer using agricultural waste like grape marc, sugarcane husk and orange peel, has produced its first products using grape marc in its Devine Connoisseur range of spice blends and baking mixes.

Food Processing December 2022

Meet the NSW manufacturer turning agricultural waste into spice blends and baking mixes

Smart Company DECEMBER 13, 2022 

Green manufacturer Extracta is set to utilise agricultural waste such as sugarcane husks, grape marc (skins and seeds) and orange peel to produce high-quality ingredients for the nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

AU Manufacturing September 2022

Manufacturer makes the most of agricultural waste

Sustainability Matters September 2022

An Australian manufacturer will shortly start utilising agricultural waste like sugarcane husks, grape skins and seeds, and orange peel to manufacture products, stopping the waste from going to landfill.

Eco-Voice September 2022

Extracta has developed a process to extract valuable nutrients and other ingredients from waste food and agriculture produce.

Waste Management Review - February 2021