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Green Apple Fibre

Green Apple Fibre

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Apple-processing industries generate tonnes of waste and by-products every year. Currently only around 20% of apple waste is retrieved and used as animal feed. The rest is incinerated, or sent to landfill or composting, which releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Upcycling apple pomace is one way to make better use of this waste product and could help the apple processing industry become more sustainable.

Apple pomace — consisting of peels, pulp and seeds — is known to be rich in molecules known as ‘flavonoids’, which help regulate cellular activity and fight off free radicals.

Polyphenolic antioxidants in apples are predominantly located in the skin, thus, most polyphenols persist in the apple pomace  The compounds found in apple pomace, are known for their powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory properties . 

Extracta's low-temp drying tech retails all the valuable nutrients found in the Apple Skin and Seeds.  Apple powder is easier and less expensive to transport than fresh apples or apple juice.

Uses and Nutritional Benefits;

  • A natural versatile product that brings the subtle flavour of apple fruit to many applications.  
  • It provides excellent nutritional value and health benefits.
  • It can be applied in many areas of food processing to improve product flavour and improve fibre and  antioxidant presence.
  • Made from 100% Australian-grown apples
  • 100% sustainable ingredient from the skin and seeds of apples left after juicing.
  • Zero  fillers or bulking agents.  
  • This powder is great for granola bars, baked goods, or nutraceuticals, with its broad content of natural antioxidants and high fibre.


      • Apple powder offers a natural way to balance the pH levels in skin
      • The beneficial combination of the Apple Powder when applied on skin helps skin regulate sebum, reduce inflammation, and gets rid of surface bacteria.
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