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Chardonnay Wine Flour

Chardonnay Wine Flour

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Chardonnay Flour is a ‘Trifecta’ of Health, Taste and Sustainability. This not only minimises environmental harm but also delivers exceptional taste in every bite.

  • HEALTHY & DELICIOUS: Grape flour is full of rich nutrients and is suitable for vegan, plant-based, and clean-eating diets. It’s full of fibre and antioxidants necessary for kids and adults. It is a ZERO-ALCOHOL product.
  • VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Mix this unique powder into yogurt, smoothies, snacks, and even artisan bread. It adds extra nutrition and a subtle nutty flavor to all kinds of delicious foods.
  • PERFECT FOR BAKING: Grape Flour is a wholesome addition to your baking supplies. Whether you’re a pro chef or you’re just learning, it works great in cookies, scones, pancakes and focaccia.
  • HIGH IN DIETARY FIBRE: You can use grape flour as an all-natural dietary fibre supplement to promote gut health and keep you feeling your best. It’s an easy nutritional boost to fit into your day.

Our grape flour is made from grape pomace left over from the wine-making process, meaning it is a zero-waste product. 

Add 1-2 tablespoons per cup to add flavour, colour, nutrition, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, protein and fibre.

SIZE: 200g

INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC Chardonnay Grape Skins, Grape Seeds

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