Sugarcane Fibre

Extracta’s micronised sugarcane fibre facilitates products that can be labelled with a health or nutrition claim. Our sugarcane fibre offers improved branding opportunities for brands, and one of the best new claims brands can make for their products is to attach the prebiotic claim.

Fibre is the number one ingredient consumers want to add to their diets to help with digestion, weight management and satiety. 

improve gut health

Extracta is a supplier of scientifically supported nutraceuticals featuring our sugar reduced 'Virgin Sugarcane Fibre'. Extracta sugarcane is backed by research from universities and is a proven dietary aid for gut health and microbiome support.

Combining the high fibre and prebiotic claims works well in a market of consumers becoming increasingly aware of the importance of gut health.

Manufacturers can use the powders to increase the fibre content of the finished product and therefore make on-pack claims such as ‘source of fibre’ or ‘high in fibre’.  

Increasing the fibre content of food products by 10 to 20% while also maintaining pleasant taste and texture has been a challenge across the food industry.

This neutral-tasting oat fibre is a versatile dietary fibre solution designed to bring natural functionality and fibre enrichment, not only to a wide range of bakery and snack solutions but also to vegan foods and nutritional beverages.

Extracta Sugarcane Fibre is a highly valuable bioactive ingredient created from the plant material by-product of sugar production. is a range of plant-based soluble fibre derived from non-GMO sugarcane with a neutral taste to preserve the original taste of your products, an outstanding clinically proven digestive tolerance and excellent process stability.

- Nutraceutical products 
- Baking increases yield and shelf-life.
- Beverages
- Confectionary - added fibre claims
- Dairy/dairy alternatives
- Personal Care- prebiotic skincare

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