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Upcycling wasted apples to create sustainable skincare

The craze for natural beauty is pushing brands to reinvent and ditch the lengthy ingredient lists that are now a turn-off for many consumers.

In recent years, the beauty market has seen a rise in the use of natural ingredients, including fruit extract for skincare. However, consumers are now seeking products that combine botanical ingredients with sustainable, ethical and transparent practices. More sustainable cosmetics through upcycling ingredients are on the rise and the radar of environment-conscious consumers. It even has a name, ZERO WASTE BEAUTY. It's a thing and it's growing exponentially. 

The beauty industry is always in search of innovation. If innovation comes from sustainable and responsible practices, even better. No one wants to be left out of what, simply put, makes sense. As trends such as clean beauty, well-being, naturalness, and higher transparency push for better and newer materials, there was no better timing to uncover and discover upcycled ingredients. The beauty industry is gearing towards more sustainable environmental, animal, and people-friendly practices, motivated by consumer demand. 

Circular beauty, which involves adopting ingredients that are healthier for people and the planet, is becoming key to success in skincare. To respond to this demand, brands must shift towards prevention rather than elimination, be transparent about their sustainability efforts, and avoid deceptive claims.

Extracta transforms wasted food into new and novel materials, we offer a sustainable and differentiated plant-based catalogue that includes apple powder made solely from the skin and seeds of apples left after juicing. This active ingredient possesses functional and bioactive properties while maintaining a clean label.

The key is to ensure there is no compromise on cost, performance or provenance; we want to help the industry reach the point where there is no reason not to use upcycled ingredients. 

Upcycled ingredients form a key part of this vital movement. Our vision is that one day, every beauty and personal care product will be made from upcycled materials. Extracta is committed to developing products with a focus on the circular economy to minimise the environmental impact of brands. 

By upcycling waste products, brands can align with natural cycles and offer limited-edition product lines that encourage natural ageing and self-acceptance.

Extracta provides innovative narrative opportunities for brands while taking sustainability one step further.

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