The difference between Extracta's powdered fruits and fresh fruit

The difference between Extracta's powdered fruits and fresh fruit

If you haven't heard of fruit powders and how they can support a balanced lifestyle, read on to discover more about this major food trend.

Fruit powders can be a healthy substitute for sugar and other sweeteners in a variety of recipes.  They are a brilliant and cost effective way for people to get the vitamins and nutrients they need every day. Extracta Fruit powders are made from the fruit left after a juice manufacturer or winery have pressed the whole fruit, we clean using a chemical free process, dehydrate them and then these are ground into a fine powder. 

One of the major benefits to  contract manufacturers, is that a fruit powder is easy to preserve, transport, store, and use. And they last much longer than regular fruit.

organic apple powder

How to Use Fruit Powders

One of the best things about fruit powders is their versatility. Since they have no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, colours, or flavourings, they are the perfect addition to any dessert, ice cream, smoothie, or sauce.

They can replace artificial flavouring in nearly anything, but especially desserts. Add it to yogurt, fresh fruit or vegetable juice, or even oatmeal for a fruity flavour. With Extracta's powdered fruit fibres, the possibilities are endless.

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